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My Heart Piece 🥰 Beautiful song

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My Heart Piece 🥰 The emotion of mother .

Important: Beautiful Song .


Aah aah Aah Ah my little cute you are the my heart piece we love you include your papa mommy and niece - rap start i kept you baby in my stomach for 9 months, it's pain for someone but for me it's love till the your birth finally you came in this world, I can't tell in words how i feel, baby i love you soo soo much when i see you i feel it's me.. you are the my world .. you are the my queen - rap end now you will grow, i will capture every adorable moment your momma will love untill momma becomes ghost i remember when you said fist time mommy you don't know it's price less gift for mommy - rap start now you are the teenager.. you have so many friends you don't have a time for mommy..mommy wait for you ..her princes will come and say how much i love you mommy. but mommy don't know when this time will come.. i think it's mommy dream understand my girl, understand my daughter please please give me hug and say momma i love you.. i know you can do careyourself but how i can i tell you are my peice of heart. you will be always little for me even you become granny hey hey momma loves you momma loves you mommy cry for you.. momma can't see your bruise rap end now mommy becoming old ..some day it's become too late. and moma shine in a sky like star. so do don't wait come come come my daughter and spend time momma needs you pricnes you are mine you are the ever wonderful gifts mom have my princes my daughter so you are brave mam loves you so much mama hugs you so much .!

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