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The 5 most beautiful places in the world

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Author Lager Anastasia

If you are searching amazing place in the world. So you are at right place. When it times to spend with loved one. Probably you would visit best places, so you remember memory until you live, so here we came world best 5 places you can visit. You should go before die. In our list these are amazing places you have never visited. So lets look into this.

Important: If you want to know more about these wonderful places & lets us know your favorite place, Please tell us in the comment box.


It is the fireflies in Waitomo caves that create the fantastic green-blue glow that can be seen in all the photographs - the glow. There are several points of view. One of which, fireflies glow from hunger, the brighter the light, the hungrier they are. Thus, they lure various insects.!


Scientists suggest that about 100 million years ago in these places there was a huge body of water in which water inflicted a myriad of sludge. Further, under the influence of various external factors, the giant pool dried up, and everything that accumulated at its bottom began to oxidize and acquire such a variety of colors.!


Canyon Cristales (Caño Cristales - Crystal River), or the Five Flowers River, as the locals call it. The water is residual pure and devoid of various minerals and salts, so there is no fish here and it is better not to drink it. J Due to the Macarenia Clavijera algae, water is dominated by colors such as red, yellow, turquoise, black and green!


The railway itself is still in use and a diesel locomotive runs along it, thanks to which a kind of tunnel has formed from the vegetation around.
It is worth visiting in the summer, because it was at this time that the entire tunnel was covered with green vegetation. But at other times of the year it is no less beautiful. In autumn, the trees are covered with golden foliage, and in winter - white down.


In 1971, it was discovered by Soviet geologists. Its depth is about 20 meters and a diameter of more than 60 meters. The area where the crater is located is quite deserted. Excavations and drilling of the well led to the discovery of an underground cavity (void), due to which the earth failed and a large hole filled with underground gas remained on the surface of the earth


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