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Charity fighting poverty through education. We work to give children the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way.

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41% of adults in Sub-Saharan Africa never learn to read at school. Learning to read and write is perhaps the most powerful skill a child acquires during their first few years of school. It underpins all other learning and builds the foundations for their future education. However, more than 60% of children in Uganda are unable to read and comprehend a basic sentence by Year 3. This is tragically inhibiting their development at an early stage, and causing many to fall behind. 80% of children in Uganda drop out before their final year of primary school, while 30% of adults are unable to read. Sadly, this is not unique to Uganda - this pattern is repeated across Sub-Saharan Africa. We are currently working in rural Uganda to improve the literacy levels of the youngest primary children. This is part of our wider work to help schools where high numbers of children are repeating their first years and supports the Ugandan government's new focus on primary education. To do this, children need trained teachers with good resources, the support of their parents, and of course books. Build Africa believes in the power of education to help end poverty. To donate and support our work visit or text FILM40 £3 to 70070. .!

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